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autoOrder™ and inventory management

AXIS™ POS together with Gearfire™ eCommerce empowers your business with an "endless aisle" of inventory from the industry's leading distributors. Use AutoOrder™ technology to manage stock, save time, reduce man hours and increase cash flow.

Pre-Load AXIS™ with Distributor Catalogs

Over 100,000 UPCs available with images
Select your top selling products and list them online
Catalogs updated monthly with ease
Integration with Gearfire™ eCommerce provides endless aisle

Barcode and Scan Serialized Inventories

Track UPCs and firearm serial numbers
Enter directly to Your ATF eBound Book
Generate product barcode labels
Scan product barcodes for easy inventory control
Scan barcodes at checkout for fast transactions

Automatically Replenish Stock

Use AutoOrder™ to reduce inventory management labor
Set inventory min / max levels for automatic re-ordering
Set ordering preferences by one or more distributors
Reconcile product receipts against purchase orders

AutoOrder™ Improves Business Operations

Eliminate Stockouts & Overstocks

AutoOrder™ is always on duty, ensuring your shelves are never empty. Using automation to order smaller quantities, more often, reduces aged inventory.

Save Time & Money

Never manually monitor and source your inventory again. Reduce aged inventory while maintaining the same sell-through rate.

Reduce Your Costs & Eliminate Errors

AutoOrder™ streamlines business practices and retail operations, to positively improve data integrity and reporting accuracy.

Replenish Inventory At The Right Time

Setting min/max replenishment levels can reduce your costs for products and improve turns. Less "waste" means more funds for your business.
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