Step-By-Step Guidance

AXIS™ implementation and training

Partnering with Gearfire™ means you're never alone. From day one, our Implementation Team is in place to make sure you and your staff are advised and assisted in all facets of a proper AXIS™ implementation.

The Four Stages of AXIS™ Implementation

1. Project Kickoff & Planning

We work with you and your team to help define your goals and put a timeline together for setting up AXIS™ Point of Sale.

2. Software & Hardware Setup

You will receive the AXIS™ Point of Sale software while we configure your peripherals and help get your data ready.

3. Training & Delivery

We install your catalog and data into AXIS, make sure your network and peripherals are setup, and train your staff on how to use the system.

4. Ready for Business!

You can now conduct sales on AXIS! We will introduce your team to the AXIS Support Team should you have more questions or need help. Remember, we are always available should you have questions or need support.

thinking about converting to aXIS, but worried about your existing store data?

Making The Switch Is Easier Than You Think.

Gearfire's Data Conversion Specialists can construct an initial data preload. This saves days of work and thousands of keystrokes. The data preload can be generated from:

Converted Data
Purchase History
Imported Vendor Catalogs
picture of a point of sale checkout system

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