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Point Of Sale Hardware and supplies

Gearfire™ can provide the hardware and supplies necessary to optimize the performance of AXIS™, and ensure all system capabilities are available to be executed. Below is a list of Hardware and Supplies that we recommend.

Server and Network

The database server is the "brain" of the AXIS™ system. This machine should be securely housed in a dedicated area, free from contaminants and access by most employees. Without a quality server, everything else fails to operate.

The network infrastructure serves as the communication link between POS terminals and the server. If you are unsure of your current network capability or hardware compatibility, the AXIS™ Team can provide a network and hardware health assessment.

For AXIS™ to perform at its best...

A true Gigabit Ethernet is needed. This will require Cat 5e (or better) network cabling and switches/routers capable of 1 Gbps speeds.
picture of ethernet cables coming out of a server


The CPU provides the computing power required to run AXIS™. An i5 or equivalent processor is required to guarantee optimal performance. Additionally, every terminal should have a minimum of 8 GB Ram.


A large 1920 x 1080 dpi monitor should be used to easily navigate AXIS™ and clearly display results. Touch screen capable monitors can provide additional benefits and ease of use.

Receipt Printer

The fast and reliable Star TSP 143 produces transaction-specific receipts. Receipt Printer paper can also be ordered from our team.

Handheld Scanner

Corded or cordless, scanners are used to recognize items for retail transactions, pull customer information from a driver license, or in the execution of purchasing/receiving processes.

Cash Drawer

APG is one of the most recognized names in the industry, and works flawlessly with all AXIS™ hardware systems.

Label Printer

The Zebra GK420 thermal printer. This dependable desktop printer delivers the various firearm and item labels available in the AXIS™ application.

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