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AXIS™ CRM, Loyalty and membership applications

AXIS™ provides customer management tools that put the power of communication into your hands. Track sales by customer, provide loyalty offerings, and generate recurring memberships.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management allows you to manage and analyze interactions with past, current and potential customers. Improve your relationships by focusing on customer retention and driving sales growth.

Leverage data Stored in AXIS™

Customer Driver’s License Scanning
Track and Query Customer Transaction History
Email Marketing To Stored Lists of Customers
Develop Loyalty Programs, Track Behavior and Analyze
Offer Store Gift Cards and Gift Receipts
Generate Powerful Static and Dynamic Reports

Grow Sales with Membership Benefits.

Subscription-Based Revenue with Recurring Billing Programs
Promotional Purchase Incentives
Group Sales and Discounts with Corporate and Family Programs
Allow Customers to Purchase On Account
Generate Powerful Static and Dynamic Reports

AXIS™ Now Integrates with ActiveCampaign

Engage Customers with Email and SMS Text Marketing
Automate Emails for New Customers, Birthdays and More
Send Messages Based on Purchase Activity
Re-engage Customers Who Haven't Visited your Store Recently

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