Gearfire eCommerce 2.0 is Live! How Does it Differ From Legacy?

Compare the differences between both platforms and find out which one is right for you!

It's true, the wait is over! Gearfire eCommerce 2.0 has officially launched!

After several years of ground-up development, a new era in eCommerce has arrived! Built specifically for outdoor sports retailers, this new turnkey eCommerce platform was designed with a combination of leading-edge technology and customer wish list system enhancements, making setup, sales, and success even easier. What's more, it comes equipped with both FFL and Sportfishing-focused components, allowing you the opportunity to offer your customers a next-level shopping experience while outperforming the competition at the same time!

Now to the big question: What are the differences between Gearfire eCommerce 2.0 and Gearfire eCommerce Legacy? Let's compare and contrast.

Gearfire eCommerce 2.0 vs. Gearfire eCommerce Legacy

Features Legacy Gearfire Gearfire 2.0
Technology PHP and SQL API Driven
Development Team ~4 Full Time Developers ~18 Full Time Developers
Fully Customizable 'About Us' Page
Seamlessly Add Products / Brands / Categories / Subcategories
Set Shipping Rates by Department / Distributor & By Type
Set Minimum Order Amount
Set Shipping Rates for Regular & Oversized Items, by Department, Distributor & Fulfillment Type
Display Multiple Item Images
Add Users + Manage Access Permissions
Manage Multiple Domains & Sites
Manage / Maintain Orders and Order Notes
Displays "You May Also Like"
Apply Additional Order Fees
Price by Margin or Markup - Down to the Item Level
Feature Items or Areas
Logo Display on Invoices
Set Custom Messages
Dynamic Parent - Child Product Relationships
Generate Shipping Labels Using Your Own Account
Automatically Send Tracking Numbers for System Generated Shipments
Disable Tax or Shipping by Item
Automatic Sitemap Creation
Set Custom Messages to Display for In-Store Pickup or on Shipped Orders, on Invoices or On-Screen
Social Media Icons
Disable Display - Basic
Disable Display - Enhanced: Enable/Disable Products Down to the Item Level
Set & Maintain Store Policies - Basic
Set & Maintain Store Policies - Enhanced: Add/Edit/Delete & Set Priority Functionalities
Manage Wholesalers/Distributors - Basic
Manage Wholesalers/Distributors - Enhanced: Self Management of Credentials + Complete Prioritization
Run & Export Reports - Basic
Run & Export Reports - Enhanced: Export & Organizational Level Reporting
SEO & Meta Data Customization by the Retailer - Basic
SEO & Meta Data Customization by the Retailer - Enhanced: Pre-Populated Data Added
Display Top Selling Products - Basic
Display Top Selling Products - Enhanced: Display Across All Sales or Store Sales
Discounts and Sales - Basic
Discounts and Sales - Enhanced: Complete & Total Customization of Promotions
In Stock Notifications Coming in 2022
Gearfire Capital Integration Coming in 2022
AXIS Integration Coming in 2022
Multiple Website Templates Coming in 2022

Which platform is right for you?

Find out by getting a visual of each and dive deeper into the features!

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Schedule a demo of Gearfire eCommerce 2.0.

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