Simon Peter Sport Company Implements Gearfire Solutions End-To-End

Simon Peter Sport Company implements AXIS Point Of Sale Software to complete end-to-end Gearfire Technology Solutions for their business.

Fishing and hunting supplies for all your outdoor needs! Simon Peter Sport Company has been proudly serving the New Jersey and tri-state area outdoor community since 1984. After recently implementing AXIS Point Of Sale Software and Gearfire Payments, they are the newest retailer to trust Gearfire's business technology solutions from end to end.

Whether your interest is bowhunting, deer hunting, turkey hunting, hiking, shooting sports, bass fishing, trout fishing, fly fishing or saltwater fishing, chances are a member of the seasoned staff at Simon Peter Sport Company is an expert and can provide valuable insight to help you make the best purchase decisions. Can't make it to the store? They have trusted Gearfire eCommerce to sell online since 2014! And with the direct integration with AXIS POS and Gearfire eCommerce, Simon Peter Sport Company can offer customers both online and in-store up to $1 billion in available inventory for purchase.

With the recent implementation of AXIS POS, Simon Peter Sport Company can now utilize built-in features to streamline day-to-day business operations, increase retail sales and remain ATF compliant. Since AXIS is #1 for gun stores, ranges and fishing retailers, it is a great fit for this business. After all, AXIS was built specifically for the shooting and outdoor sports industries, offering features like:

  • the only ATF Approved digital storage of Form 4473.
  • an ATF Compliant eBound Book, eNICS, e4473 and more.
  • a direct integration with Gearfire eCommerce and Gearfire Payments.
  • inventory management and AutoOrder™ functionality.
  • loyalty and membership applications.
  • range management and gunsmith applications.
  • and more.

While Simon Peter Sport Company implemented AXIS, it was enhanced with Gearfire Payments for credit card processing and merchant services. Gearfire Payments offers affordable, secure credit card processing with no firearms restrictions (including Class III / NFA items).

Plus, Gearfire is equipped to provide state-of-the-industry hardware for both AXIS and Gearfire Payments, so you can be sure that our solutions perform at their very best. We have been helping shooting and outdoor sports retailers grow and succeed since 2012, and we're ready to prove it! Simply follow the link below to request a free demo of any (or ALL) of Gearfire's solutions for your business.

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