Gearfire's Free Disaster Tracking Tool Kit

This free resource contains valuable information about necessary steps your retail FFL business should take in the event of a man-made or natural disaster.

Thank you for your interest in Gearfire's free Disaster Tracking Tool Kit for your business. We hope you never need to use it.

It is imperative that FFL retailers put a plan in place in case of a man-made or natural disaster. The experts at Gearfire are here to provide insight and free tools for your business to utilize when disaster strikes.

Please complete the form on this page to access and download Gearfire's FREE Pre and Post Disaster Tracking Tool Kit.

Your Disaster Tracking Tool Kit contains information and resources to be utilized in order to prepare your business for a disaster, as well as vital steps your business should take after disaster strikes.

  • Information and Checklist for Disaster Preparedness
  • Record Location Log
  • Call Tree of Employees, Vendors, and Security Providers for FFL-Responsible Persons
  • Post Disaster Tasks and Considerations
  • Post Disaster Contact Log and Follow-Up Tracking
  • Post Disaster Premises Status Log

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