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Retail business analytics in the palm of your hand. Analyze sales, inventories and customers, on the go, from your smartphone, tablet, or directly from AXIS™.

Monitor consumer sales with retailBI™

Built for sporting goods and firearm industry executives, RetailBI™ is the largest consumer sales analytics platform on the market. Product categories include firearms, ammunition, magazines, optics, knives, accessories and more.

Over 2,000 retailers report into RetailBI™

Largest U.S. Reporting Base
Over 2,000 retailers are confidentially reporting online and in-store transactions from across the nation. Records date back to 2017.
Multiple Product Categories
Nearly one hundred thousand UPCs from most major manufacturers are recorded. Products are sorted by manufacturer, action type, caliber/gauge, sight type and more.
Beautiful Dashboards
Filter, sort and search based on competitive or geographical data. Create stunning dashboard reports with a look and feel of your choice.
Accessible Anywhere
Cloud-based data and custom dashboards are accessible from your POS, desktop and mobile devices. AXIS™ users have visibility to industry reports from their POS.
Monitor Consumer Sales with RetailBI™

The Largest Consumer Sales Analytics Platform

Retailers Reporting
Products Being Tracked
For Your Business
Leverage the consumer analytics platform to track sales trends, velocity and movement data.

Put RetailBI™ to work

Single or multi-store retailers can access store data and customized reports from any device that connects to the cloud.

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for single or multi-store retailers

Cloud-based data may be stored across one or multiple stores of your AXIS™ Multi-Store network.

Centralized POS Sales Reporting

Analyze sales in one or more retail stores. Maximize revenue by:

Understanding what products are selling, and at what velocity.
Mapping customer sales transactions to geographic regions.
Generating single-store dashboards that make running your business much easier.
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Optimize Stock and Purchasing Decisions

Product information and purchasing decisions can be globally controlled at a central location:

Ensuring standardization of inventory data.
Allowing one location to control inventory stock for the entire organization.
Providing the means for stores to perform inter-store product and firearm transfers.
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